Raised 4000 Cr for developers across Pan India from 2019 onwards.

Fund Raising

Real estate development is a highly capital-intensive business. It creates a demand for well-capitalized players who can go forward and stand out. We offer solutions to the fund-raising requirement of the clients. We partner with the entrepreneur in their growth journey and offer prospects for real estate funding, as per regulatory compliance processes. Our understanding of the real estate Indian market is matured and deep. We also ensure transparency and financial discipline while we provide our services.

Fund Management

Our fund management services are focused on developing your investments into high quality end products. We also lease or sell them to potential acquirers, to close a lucrative deal. We have made several investments in the past that were successfully negotiated and have returned a major capital contribution.

Debt Restructuring

We offer debt restructuring services to allow our clients relieve their financial distress and liquidity issues. We help our clients to refinance their debt obligations with an intention to create more flexibility and their debt load more controlled. We help to negotiate with creditors, establish terms of debt payments, suggest channels and best ways for repayment, etc.

Taking over Distressed projects

Distressed projects are one of the major cause of concerns for a real estate builder. We help to establish early warning signs of such sliding projects, prevent a project from becoming distressed, create effective strategies for handling distressed projects, and properly analyze and asses the path of recovery as per given budget.

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