We have been active in the consultancy side of real estate since 2005. After a humble beginning, we got our first major jump after underwriting the two most iconic projects of NCR at that time, namely, Jaypee Greens and Jaypee Wishtown. From then onwards, we also went on to underwrite projects from other developers in NCR such as Logix, Gaur Sons, Anant Raj, Ireo, Signature Global, Wave, Shipra, M3M and Saya Homes.

Underwriting Large value projects

The company has been actively providing expert consulting services to many esteemed names in the real estate sector. Our first consultancy role dates back to the year 2005. Since then, there has been lo looking back, as we kept adding reputed and big projects such as iconic Jaypee greens and Jaypee Wishtown, and many more to our underwriting services category. We are continually excelling in our underwriting projects and have been providing worthwhile consultancy services to many other developers in NCR.

Project management- Leasing, Layout, Sales & Marketing

Due to the rich experience and years of expertise, our team has been effectively managing all the projects with respect to Leasing, Layout, and Sales and Marketing. We have always worked as per our commitment of keeping the highest quality standards, and this is the reason why we have been able to offer exclusive projects to our clients. As every project requires a unique sales and marketing strategy, we offer a range of tailor-made and bespoke strategies that will take your project forward successfully. We ensure that we exceed the expectations of our clients.

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